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          Fogtec - Fire Protection


          Customer service round the clock

          ?FOGTEC Rail Leistungen

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          Maintenance, initial operation, fittings

          FOGTEC Service operates in many different areas. This starts with supervisings for installation, initial operations, maintenance, upgrading and fixing. The team consists of field staff and a back-office and takes care of our international distributors as well as end customers.


          The technicians are trained for their special operational areas like industrial plants, buildings, railways or tunnels and are on duty with well equipped service vehicles.

          Constant stand-by

          The service team stands by constantly. Regarding to the customer-requirements there can be arranged a call-on duty and individual response times.

          Our Team:



          FOGTEC delivers fittings to the end customer directly or to our servicepartner. Further the service team delivers needed fittings to the location where they are needed. If required fittings can be held available locally for special projects.

          Service network

          For an optimized service FOGTEC cooperates closely with qualified local?Partners?all over the world. Also our own specialists are available to support locally.


          Contact International

          FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH

          Rail Systems
          Fixed Systems
          Mobile Systems
          Tunnel Systems


          • Repairs
          • Replacements?
          • Maintenance
          • others


          Contact National

          FOGTEC Brandschutz Systeme GmbH

          Fixed Systems
          Mobile Systems


          • Repairs
          • Replacements
          • Maintenance
          • others