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          Fogtec - Fire Protection

          Fire fighting systems for tunnels

          designed for tunnels

          • Fire test in test-tunnel

            A new video from FOGTEC’s fire test video series is available on Youtube:?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u_-FRMmy7jg

          • Stuva Expo 2019

            FOGTEC is again represented at the STUVA conference 2019. This year's STUVA Expo will take place in Frankfurt from 26th of November until the 27th of November. In addition to a lecture on fire protection in tunnel systems for vehicles with new energy carriers, we will also be present with a booth on site at the trade fair taking place at the same time. Visit us at booth C120. Admission to the fair is free!

          A multitude of tests have shown that major fires in tunnels can only be prevented effectively if an initial fire is brought under control as early as possible. Conventional methods of structural fire protection or smoke extraction systems alone cannot assure this. Automatic fire fighting systems in tunnels increase the level of safety and availability considerably.This is where FOGTEC firefighting systems come into consideration, fighting fires immediately once they have broken out in a tunnel.

          FOGTEC Tunnel Systems

          benefits of tunnel fire protection

          • Better self-rescue of people
          • Reliable intervention by rescue teams
          • Shorter infrastructure downtimes
          • Significantly lower temperatures in the fire area
          • More difficult for fires to spread
          • Minimal space requirements
          • Simpler integration in existing tunnel systems
          • Less water used
          • Early fire detection
          • Precise localisation of the fire
          • Lower investment and life cycle costs

          Application areas

          fire fighting for road tunnels, rail tunnels, metros

          FOGTEC Tunnel Anwendungen

          The Tunnel Systems business area focuses on underground traffic systems such as tunnels and metro systems. Specially trained engineers with years of experience in the field of underground traffic systems will advise on design and implement tunnel-specific fire protection solutions.

          More about application areas


          consulting, planning, realization for tunnel systems

          FOGTEC Rail Leistungen

          Business activities extend through the whole life cycle of a tunnel. This starts with planning and integration into holistic security concepts and ends up with installation and maintenance of the fire detection and fire fighting system.

          More about service


          tunnel systems with water mist fire prevention

          FOGTEC Tunnel Referenzen M30 Madrid

          FOGTEC has contributed to numerous major projects throughout the world. Based on our unique expertise gained through research,? a variety of turnkey fire detection and firefighting systems in tunnels have been implemented.

          More about references

          Research and Development

          safe systems based on safe data

          Fire tests in tunnels

          safe applications

          FOGTEC Tunnel Brandversuche

          FOGTEC engineers are worldwide experts for full scale fire tests in tunnels. Large tests are often required to guarantee the liability of a system.

          More about fire tests


          Research Projects

          fire protection research

          FOGTEC Tunnel Sprühversuche

          FOGTEC is a key partner when it comes to important research projects in the area of tunnel safety. For instance, FOGTEC is taking part in the research project SUVEREN, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and has acted as a project partner and made major contributions to the FIT, UPTUN, Eurotunnel, Dartford, SOLIT and SOLIT2 projects.

          More about research projects