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          Fogtec - Fire Protection

          High Pressure Water Mist

          The Smarter Way of Fire Protection

          • Historical Archive Tibet

            The Tibet Archive houses more than 3 million historical documents. The oldest of these documents originate from the Yuan Dynasty (1304 A.D.) and? the most recent date from the end of the last century, so spanning a period of nearly 700 years.FOGTEC Technology protects more than 300 archive rooms, battery , control and generator rooms and cable interlayers.

          • CCCF Approval China

            FOGTEC systems are approved now according to local CCCF regulations in China also. You can find the certificate here.

          FOGTEC water mist fights fires using smallest droplets of pure water.?By atomising water, the reaction surface area of the water is increased by more than 200-fold compared to the one of a conventional sprinkler. Our high-pressure mist systems use extra-small Class I droplets in accordance with NFPA 750. Using pressures between 50 and 200 bar, the water can be atomised effectively. ?

          FOGTEC Water Mist

          high pressure mist benefits

          • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
          • No danger for people, no pre-warning times
          • Better cooling effect
          • Better shielding against radiated heat
          • No corrosive by-products from extinguishing agents
          • Less water damage
          • Shorter downtimes
          • Minimum space requirements
          • No problems with hydraulic pressure losses with greater heights and larger distances
          • Fire safety elements/components can be compensated

          FOGTEC misting systems are optimised for the relevant application in terms of droplet sizes used. As a result, the water mist systems are particularly effective and require only very small quantities of water, meaning the system components, including pipes and pumps, have a very small overall construction size.?Cooling and oxygen displacement effects are the most important fire fighting effects.

          Cooling effect

          The atomisation of water generates a massive reaction surface area and therefore results into extremely efficient cooling. Energy is withdrawn from the fire rapidly and effectively. The cooling effect also protects people and property from the effects of radiated heat. By using the droplets’ shielding effect to reduce heat radiation, effective water mist shields can be generated for persons escaping from the fire and rescue teams as well as for components, wall openings, facades, etc.

          Oxygen displacement effect

          The rapid vaporisation of water droplets withdraws energy from the fire. The water vapour, which has a volume 1640 times greater than liquid water, displaces the oxygen directly at the fire source, thereby creating a suffocation effect similar to an extinguishing gas. This only occurs directly at the fire source, meaning there is no danger to people escaping from the fire due to a lack of oxygen. Traditional water based fire fighting systems (e.g. low-pressure water mist systems) use larger droplets, which take considerably longer to vaporise or, in many cases, do not vaporise at all.


          FOGTEC Water Mist

          Buildings and Industrial

          designed for buildings

          FOGTEC Wassernebel Balamand University Lebanon

          Fixed high pressure water mist systems provide optimal protection for buildings, machinery and entire industrial systems. There can be many reasons for selecting a particular high pressure water mist system.

          More about buildings and industrial

          Use in trains

          designed for rail

          FOGTEC Wassernebel Anwendung Züge

          FOGTEC water mist is also used for firefighting in trains. The technology is used in passenger compartments and WCs in particular.?

          More about fire protection in trains

          Use in tunnels

          designed for tunnels

          FOGTEC Wassernebel Anwendung Tunnel

          In tunnels, FOGTEC water mist enables a high level of safety with low investment costs. Cost–benefit analyses have shown that the systems pay for themselves over the lifetime of the tunnel due to their low life cycle costs.

          More about fire protection in tunnels

          Further applications of water misting systems

          mobile Systems and fire protections for vessels

          The water mist systems protect against a large number of fire risks of various types. Among these are clean rooms, TV studios, telecommunications systems, reactors, paint shops, industrial and kitchen fryers, and similar areas with a high concentration of values or special fire protection requirements. Water mist wall cabinets supplement fixed water mist systems and cover a wide range of applications.

          More about further applications

          FOGTEC Products

          Water mist systems made in Germany

          FOGTEC Düsen

          The range of products cover fixed water mist systems that include special nozzles, hydraulic power packs and control cabinets for driving the system. Further we offer mobile water mist systems like wall hydrants for targeted use.

          More about products


          fixed and mobile systems

          FOGTEC Referenzen Elbphilharmonie

          Whether for heritage buildings, libraries, labs, industrial plants or engine test cells, FOGTEC water mist system offer efficient, environmentally friendly solutions. The following references are a small selection of the many projects that have been equipped worldwide using systems.

          More about references

          Smart Concepts

          underground traffic junctions

          FOGTEC Wassernebel Smart Concepts

          Underground traffic junctions like Metrostations retrieve special safety risks. Together with clients and consultans FOGTEC develops holistic concepts for constructual fire protection and sweeping fire protection concepts.

          More about Smart Concepts

          Fire tests

          water mist systems for fixed applications

          In-house fire test facilities enable FOGTEC to carry out full-scale fire testing on a continuous basis. Such tests are performed as part of approval procedures, research projects or user-related test series. In addition, fire tests are carried out in cooperation with some of the most reputed scientific fire protection institutes in the world. Computer simulations and modelling are a standard element of such research activities.

          More about fire tests