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          Fogtec - Fire Protection

          FOGTEC - The Smarter Way of Fire Fighting

          Fire fighting made in Germany

          FOGTEC News

          Dear Clients and Partners,

          as all companies around the globe FOGTEC and its team is increasingly affected by the spread of the COVID 19 Virus and its consequences. Most of us are working already from home. You can reach us however via mail and the known telephone numbers.

          We all now have to give priority to slowing down the spread of the Virus. Without a doubt our team is at the same time trying to satisfy our clients’ and other partners’ needs as good as possible. But we have to assume that we will not be able to fully avoid all negative effects from arising. We already now ask for your understanding.

          Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time, if you have any questions or we can help in other ways.

          FOGTEC Brandschutz GmbH

          New Video from the FOGTEC series!

          This new video shows how a high pressure water mist system can help the fire brigade to get close to the source of the fire and finally extinguish it. After activation of the FFFS the heat radiation is kept small. In this monthly video you can clearly see how close the fire brigade can stand next to a 150 MW Class A Fire which is already fully developed. To simulate a worst case scenario the FFFS was activated after the fire reached the HRR of 150 MW. As a fire inside a tunnel can reach very high temperature, it is important to supports the fire brigade in their work. The water mist system helps the fire fighters in their actions to finally extinguish the fire.

          ?FOGTEC recommends to keep the system activated as long as the fire brigade is working on putting the fire out.

          With a long experience in fire tests, FOGTEC can revert to a huge database to design fire fighting systems for custom-made solutions. Be sure to subscribe and be updated in time about a new video release every month!

          Check our Youtube-Channel


          Research Projects

          Research and Development in Fire Protection

          New Energy Carriers in Vehicles

          Current Research Project

          The research project "SUVEREN" (Safety of New Energy Carrier Vehicles in Underground Infrastructure Facilities) investigates the influence of new energy carriers (e.g. batteries or hydrogen) on current safety- and fire protection requirements. One main focus is the exposure to needed materials and substances, for example hydrofluric acid, by considering the complete value chain (production, storage, logistics, vehicles in public spaces, infrastructure). With different scenarios the project analyses existing safety concepts and evaluates new risks.

          FOGTEC is working with its cooperation partners BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Management) and STUVA e.V. (Research Association for Tunnels and Transportation Facilities).
          Associated Partners are DB Service&Station GmbH, the Municipal Fire Brigade of Munich as well as the french research institutes INERIS and CETU.

          The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


          Overview Research Projects

          fire protection research

          FOGTEC Tunnel Forschung und Entwicklung

          FOGTEC is a key partner when it comes to important research projects in the area of tunnel safety. For instance, FOGTEC is taking part in the research project SUVEREN, sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, and has acted as a project partner and made major contributions to the FIT, UPTUN, Eurotunnel, Dartford, SOLIT and SOLIT2 projects.

          More about research projects

          Fire Tests

          safe applications

          FOGTEC Tunnel Brandversuche

          FOGTEC engineers are worldwide experts for full scale fire tests. Large tests often are required to guarantee reliability of a system.

          More about fire tests in tunnels

          More about fire tests for fixed applications


          FOGTEC fire fighting systems in use

          FOGTEC Referenzen Elbphilharmonie

          FOGTEC fire fighting systems are in use worldwide. We have been involved in major construction projects – ranging from one of the tallest buildings in the world to an outstanding underwater tunnel – for many years now. In addition, FOGTEC ensures fire safety and protection for trains on virtually every continent and has safeguarded against a multitude of demanding risks in various industry sectors. You can find a selection of our references here.

          FOGTEC fire safety worldwide

          how to find us

          With four representative offices and more than 45 system partners, FOGTEC has a truly global presence. All projects are managed and system partners supported from our headquarters in Cologne.

          Find us!


          customer service around the clock

          FOGTEC Wassernebel Startseite Service

          For us, the satisfaction of our customers has utmost priority. Do you have questions about maintenance or fixings? FOGTEC provides an around-the-clock service. Our service team is on hand for your queries at all times. In addition, our global network of specially trained, authorised system partners ensures optimum customer support.

          More about Service

          Partners in Business

          Stadler Logo

          Memberships / Working Groups / Certificates

          IMA Logo UNIFE Logo AiF Member

          Partners in Research


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